What you are seeking, is seeking you.

As the energy comes full circle and brings us back to ourselves, a deeper shedding of what no longer serves is taking place with this full moon.

We are being pulled deep into the past wounds that have been held within the root chakra. This is where our primal instincts lie for survival and safety. Basic needs such as food, shelter, sleep and even the identity of self, are all held here. What triggers have come up for you lately? The things that are bubbling up to the surface right now is what your higher self is asking you to let go of, so you can make room for the higher frequency that is coming through at this time. It may seem that everything is happening all at once; like we’re getting hit harder than ever before from all directions. Relationships of all forms, finances and life purpose are the three major triggers coming up for so many of us.

I’ve been doing my own inner work and notice that with every release comes new insights and new clarity. The old paradigms that I have shed have made the space for something new to come through. Some time ago, I started receiving information through channeling. Channeling is not anything that I’ve ever put much stock into and as a matter of fact, it’s something I’ve rolled my eyes at more than just a few times. I didn’t understand it and certainly was quite the skeptic. Since it didn’t happen very frequently for me, I could easily ignore it or pass it off as a strange anomaly. These past few weeks have been much more intense though and I’m realizing that the messages I am channeling are something I need to share as they’re not just for me.

Yesterday, I was on my way to a client (it always seems to happen when I’m driving or taking a shower) and a message came through that I would like to share as I know this is meant for someone questioning their own gifts.

Your gifts come directly from the I AM and there is no need for an intermediary to relay those messages such as the perception of deceased loved ones or Ascended Masters unless you choose. Your perception of your source is based on a false sense of a need to belong or an expectation that messages received will look like that of those around you or those that have preceded you. Let go of the false cloak, perception, and mask that is not yours, for you are creating these masks based on your own perception of lack. The feeling of discomfort and awkwardness in your healing work comes from these masks that your ego has created. Your healing work and purpose is not meant to flow through the form in which you have attempted to stuff yourself in. This is why you are confused. We will show you the form in which you have come to express as you shed the expectation that the form will look like those around you. Do not fear that your soul’s language does not look like others for you have come to bring a vibration and frequency in a predetermined way that is new. The guides and teachers that have come before you are only a foundation and example and have their own specific frequencies. Your greatest teacher and guide are the inner pull of your soul. Be still and you will know. Ask, and you will receive. Your soul has come to pave a new way. That way is the frequency that only you can bring. The confusion comes from the ego that believes that love can only be received if it looks like this or like that. Many like yourself create these masks based on fear, and that becomes the chain that binds and limits the highest form of healing coming through. Step into love and open to your heart because that will be your greatest teacher and guide. No one can teach you the language of your soul but your own soul. Do not fear, for what you are releasing is making room for that which you seek.”

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