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The Philippines has become the outsourcing capital of the world, but at what cost?

As a small business owner just starting out, I followed some important advice about hiring a Virtual Assistant to help manage my tasks and marketing strategies. This is not an unusual step to take that even a small budget company can afford. The combination of affordable labor and specialized skills has created an incredible demand around the world for this industry. I for one, was thrilled that even with my limited resources, I could afford to get some much-needed guidance and assistance.

About a month into my business relationship with my VA, I noticed that while I had made multiple payments for her services, she still hadn’t gotten paid. After investigating it further, I found that the “terms and conditions” made it all too convenient to withhold the funds for a long period of time and for any reason, sometimes not paying them at all. I noticed that there were many complaints about the treatment of the employees/contractors of these outsourcing companies, and they are all much the same. The “fees” and fines that are placed on the employees made it even more alarming when I found out the already small rate I was paying was reduced even further to an unfathomable and unsustainable income. Completely appalled by the treatment that my VA was receiving, I decided to terminate the contract and invite her to work for me directly.

Unfortunately, the treatment that my VA is receiving from her outsourcing employer is common and an epidemic in these impoverished countries. Everything from poor ventilation in the office to fines up to half a day’s wage for anything that is deemed as a mistake or undesirable by the “monitors” that watch their every move and read all their communications with their coworkers and clients.

After much contemplation, I spoke to both my VA and Graphic Designer about how we can create a movement and shift for their people. We decided to begin a project that will create sustainable and fair job opportunities for the Filipino people. We will;

  1. Create a safe space for the Filipino people to work.
  2. Provide the equipment that is necessary for them to do their jobs well.
  3. Set up proper management that will ensure that the employees are being treated fairly and paid accordingly.

I am so excited to announce the opening of the non-profit “Lightweavers Garden”! This gives us an incredible opportunity to lock arms and create something that will change so many lives. Your financial gift will be a big help in reaching our goal. There are several ways to give, all of which will be tax deductible for you.

These services will bring so much joy and vast opportunities for the Filipino people to not just survive; They can finally THRIVE. Together we are transforming lives and building a brighter future for all. Thank you so much for your generous support!



Diana Marraccini
President of
Lightweavers Garden Inc.



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