Letting Go of Belief And Embracing The Knowing Within

Today was my last day being employed by someone else. It’s scary and exciting all at one time. As I take a leap off of that preverbal cliff and embrace the unknown, I am filled with a child-like giddy excitement as if it were Christmas day. I have had this inner pull and longing inside my heart for so many years and it’s finally here.

My absolute joy and pleasure in life is when I see others realize their own divine light and open to embracing all that is possible for them. It becomes a ripple effect that reaches the depth and width of the collective heart.

As I sit here writing this, I am brought back to something I wrote about responsibility that I feel the need to share with you now:

Responsibility as the Seer

As each of us awaken to our true essence and remember who we are, we are gifted with responsibility, not only to ourselves, but also to the collective. We become the seers into worlds beyond the grasp of the 5 senses. As we begin to walk down the path as the seers, we are gifted with an inner knowing that brings about responsibility. Responsibility is the bringing forth of the ability to respond with a focused presence and consideration of our own personal and authentic truth with each presented choice, knowing that a ripple effect is created that begins to signal others to their own awakening. Responsibility is the subtle shift and alignment with your higher self that ignites within you a longing and pull to a purpose greater than the self. It is the consideration of the collective knowing that it starts with falling in love with, the “I AM” that is the real you. It is the following of your inner guidance.

I am awake. Therefore, my responsibility in life is my commitment to practicing presence and responding to my presented choices in a way that is authentic and true to my inner guidance. My responsibility to the collective is to practice giving and receiving and to making myself available, to be present, to truly see each of you and hear your truths. It is a commitment that aligns me in such a way that I present my best and highest self to the rest of the world and creates a ripple effect within each of you to do the same.

For many years, I have known my purpose and had this inner longing to step out, but I didn’t know how. The fear of failure, humiliation and of proving those that have spoken out against me right; has held me down just enough to just play at the edge of the cliff and not ever really jump off. My past experiences became the voice in my head telling me that I will fall, and that the idea of my purpose is only a wish and fantasy that will never actualize. That voice became the chains that bound me to a cycle of giving away my personal power and I became a prisoner of my own mind.

It wasn’t until I experienced that “dark night of the soul” that I saw that I really did have a choice. I could choose to remain a prisoner of my own mind, always worrying about what might or might not happen, or I could choose to let go and follow my inner guidance without hesitation. It was a choice that I had to make and commit to. It’s the letting go of belief and stepping into knowing. I don’t just believe my truth anymore, I know it. It’s a practice that I choose to show up for every single day and in every single moment.

My question for you today is; what is it that you hold dear to your heart that you have been too scared of letting out? What beliefs are you holding onto that keep you from your knowing and actualization?

We are in a time where going it alone is no longer an option. The only way that we can change this world is to open our hearts to ourselves and to one another. You are not alone, and you do not have to navigate this by yourself.





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