The New Normal

Our hearts are opening and the life we were once so familiar with is beginning to become a distant memory; almost a dream. As technology advances, as our Universe expands and as time seems to be passing at such a great speed, the unmistakable call to slow down in new ways is pressed upon each of us now. When we think back to our childhood, we remember how slow life used to be. We didn’t have computers that fit into the palm of our hands and the idea that we could place a call from these tiny smart devices would have sounded like something out of Star Trek. Life is so different now. The demand to produce more, faster, is a lesson (almost seems purposefully set in motion) to teach us something and to awaken us to the truth of ourselves. This longing that has sparked within each of us has begun an internal dialogue, maybe even an internal struggle of wanting and needing something much more. With all this technology that brings us unlimited knowledge, bridging cultures and worlds, we have never felt more alone and more isolated. What a beautiful disaster this is!

This is a dualistic reality, so with that rule in mind, you cannot have one without the other. We cannot know connection without first knowing separation. We cannot know compassion and love without cruelty and hate. Every experience is meant to teach us something. Everything that we experienced in the past is still what we experience now only at a faster and more intense way. Segregation, prejudice, racism; acceptance, love, tolerance; oppression, abuse, anger; democracy, empathy, compassion and understanding. We experience all these things all the time, in an over-exposed way and it’s pressing us to shift in a big way; Like labor pains nearing a birth. As this intensifies collectively and individually, we birth a new era and new consciousness, “As within, so without”. Religions speak of a rapture coming like a thief in the night to take up the chosen ones. That rapture and thief in the night isn’t a savior in the sky, it’s the awakening and opening of our hearts and the collective heart. It’s living Christ- consciousness, right here right now. It’s heaven on earth and we have the free will to choose to live it.

The discord and unsettling that we feel inside is the gentle opening and call of the sacred heart. It’s telling us to pay attention and listen. Each of us is more powerful than we realize. We are created in God’s image and everything that we need is inside us right now. We are the temples; we don’t have to go to a temple. We are powerful beyond measure and are in a time where we are invited to remember who we are as divine co-creators. Sit and listen. What is your heart saying? What are your greatest desires, joy and passion? The things that bring you joy and passion is your calling; it is your purpose. The new normal, is a gentle shift moving you into your heart space. Be present and listen. The magic is real, and you must pay attention to experience it. This new era is the Journey To You, The Path to your sacred heart. The mind/ego thinks of the self, of lack and survival, and the heart thinks of abundance and how to help the entire world. Instead of focusing on the perceived apocalypse here to destroy us all, center yourself within your heart and remember who you are.

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