To Everything, There Is A Season

What is our emotional rollercoasters telling us? What is their purpose?


From a very young age we may have been taught that our emotional lows, our sadness, our grief, or the moods that we experience are a negative thing. As a culture here, we seem to have an extreme amount of pressure on us to always show that we are happy, upbeat and peppy. When we may be experiencing something very different inside.

Growing up as a female, there seems to be a negative connotation around our mood swings. In fact, it has become such normal view toward the female cycle as being something unwanted, dreaded, even suppressed with Birth control or Anti-depressants.

I never really paid attention to the cycle of my emotions until much later in my adult life and found it very frustrating that every few weeks I would begin that ever-dreaded emotional rollercoaster. Why can’t I just be happy and at the top of my game all the time? We spend so much time fighting the natural cycle of life; does anyone stop and wonder if there is a purpose for it?

“With everything, there is a season.” That is part of the ebb and flow of life. This applies to everyone and everything. We have been given this incredible gift and opportunity to experience these emotions and there is a very specific purpose to it.

For men, our culture has made it tough by saying that if you show emotion, you are weak. To be considered a man, by cultural, societal, and religious standards, you must be direct, confident and without any emotion that may identify you as being weak minded.

What we have done by suppressing our emotions has been the very thing that keeps us from becoming our greatest selves. Suppressing the unwanted emotions that arise blocks us from reaching our highest potential by holding us hostage from the thing that is meant to free us.

I have the thought that when we go through these emotional lows (men and women alike), they are pointing to the circumstances in our life where we need to focus our attention to bring about a shift. Before you blame your hormones or depression as something to be medicated, ask yourself what your emotions are trying to tell you. What is it in your life that needs some attention or what circumstance in your life needs to be addressed? Allow yourself the freedom and grace to sit in it for a time so you can identify what you are being called to shift and heal. Maybe there is something out of alignment with your highest good. Maybe there is something you need to say for a deeper peace and freedom to enter your life. Maybe there is something that you need to do, some action step that you have over looked or have ignored and now is the opportunity to address it, so you can create space for more abundance. We are such powerful, creative nurturers and we have been designed in such a way that allows us to release and move through our challenges. There will be a time when we have more energy, when we feel at the top of our game, when we accomplish more; and there is a time for us to rest, to go internal so that we can identify the challenges that we are ready to move through and release.

If you have noticed that you seem to be in this emotional low for an extended period, ask yourself what you have been holding onto. I am in no way telling you not to get help through the form of medication and supplements if there is a chemical imbalance. What I am saying is that there may be something that we haven’t dealt with (including our diet) that we are holding onto that is not allowing us to experience the inner peace and freedom we deserve.

It also may be that we have created this pattern of negative thinking we know as “monkey brain” and need to create new neuropathways that will help bring us into the life we really want to live. So, if you find yourself in that “moody” state, take some time for self-nurturing and begin to ask yourself the questions that will help you identify what your body is telling you.

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